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To accomplish excellence when designing a mobile application we must concentrate our efforts on the UI, UX, and CX design. But we know that it is common for these acronyms to generate some confusion. Therefore, our expert in UX/UI design, clarifies these concepts to know what each of them covers.

Devising and designing a unique and exclusive application is a complicated task. It is common to find several mobile applications to solve the same task, but not all meet the expectations of the end-user to the same extent. …

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There is a science that explains why particular designs attract attention and make peoples’ blood pump.

You may not have the Harry Potter wand to cast a spell and make what you dream come true, but when you ever had a perfect interface (like those on your IPhone) or a place that looked so perfect and appealing to you, You immediately added it to your bookmarks, to serve as a guide in your next developments.

If you get to understand the way in which your designs are perceived, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments so that the…

Winning “hearts and minds” of consumers have never been easy, and while contemporary marketers more or less learned how to win “minds,” the situation with “hearts” and emotions remains complicated. That’s why today’s marketing research are streamlined towards the exploration and control of consumers’ emotions and behavior. At the same time, advertising becomes more emotional, while marketing campaigns are directed not just at the promotion of the product but at selling the brand’s values and story.

Let’s face it, from the rational point of view it’s difficult to differentiate two pairs of top brands’ sneakers in terms of the quality…

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The user experience specialists (UX) lead the position in the design of websites and mobile applications focused on the client. Since UX has become an integral part of digital product design, there is a paradigm shift in user research and its techniques.

Today, modern companies must move from the old advertising methods that shout threshed slogans in large bold letters, such as “Test X. We are the best! ”Or they risk being left behind.

The obvious problem with this outdated and slow approach is that there are too many comparable products on the market that also claim to be “the…

Such rich and successful companies face a particularly sophisticated marketing challenge. The process of advertising production is fraught with nuances such as quality responsibility before millions of consumers, brand identity that should stay unwavering, and strong messages that should provoke the desired emotions ( Emotional Marketing: 7 Basic Emotions and How Brands Provoke them with Video Content).

When we talk about advertising, we assume a demonstration of some goods. In fact, when creating a good advertisement you need to keep in mind things of a completely different level.

Consumers don’t want things, they want to be happier, more successful, more…

by Kyle Mensch

Every Friday in our office we have a general meeting. It’s a time when we can share any news or any difficulties we are facing at work or just interesting thoughts we’ve had during the week. During one of our recent meetings, one of our new sales managers said that he had been asked a question that turned out to be difficult to answer. It was a simple question:

‘It sounds great, but what are the cons of neuromarketing?”

Well, if you are a newcomer to this world, you want to know not only the bright side of the neuromarketing…

Need to get inspired? We know exactly what you should do… Check out this list of UX conferences and UX workshops worth attending in 2019 and 2020!

You’ll meet new people and the best design professionals. Let yourself to get inspired in the easiest and the most interesting way — traveling and communication. Mark your calendar with our list of the greatest events related to usability, user experience, and web/mobile design for UX around the world that you don’t want to miss!

1. UX Strat

Mobile design, typography, face id — here you’ll find the most important UX trends and tips on how to keep users engaged mobile app. Stay on top of the latest mobile app UX trends to make users happy with your mobile products.

An average American spends nearly three minutes on their smartphone. And 90 percent of the time is spent on apps.

That’s good news, especially if you have a mobile app for your business. However, to keep users engaged and on your app, you have to go above and beyond to provide excellent user experience plus great content.


Establishing a mobile presence is as important as developing a good product. The amount of content consumed via mobile applications grows proportionally to the rapid increase in the number of mobile users. According to recent research, the number of mobile users in the world increased from 4,01 billion in 2013 to 5,07 billion in 2019. It means that consumers are massively migrating to mobile devices and expect companies to reach them there. And brands are eagerly following their customers by establishing an online mobile presence. Two most widespread ways to do it is to create a mobile version of the…

UX design for most B2B apps is an afterthought except, of course recently where user experience is becoming a prominent part of the design process.

In the past, the focus of the enterprise program is on functionality. No thoughts spared on usability. No strategy on how to make the interface more user-friendly. It’s all about what the software can do.

Well, the thing is, the development team is usually made entirely of engineers and programmers with no real experience on UX — so, the hideous interface can be forgiven.

However, times are changing. At least, some organizations are beginning to…

Dmitry Gaiduk

Research Professional | CEO at CoolTool

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